Meet Our Midwives

We are a shared care practice. This means that all three members of the team are your midwives. You will meet each of us several times through your pregnancy, and one of us will be with you in labour and at your birth. The midwives are comfortable with both hospital birth and home birth in normal, healthy situations.

Lyanne Quirt, RMLyanne Quirt, RM

Lyanne will be on leave in 2017

Lyanne grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and moved to BC in 2005. Lyanne became a midwife because she is passionate about women's health, and she believes that women and families should have access to information and choices in pregnancy, birth, and their first weeks with a new baby. She completed her midwifery training at UBC in 2012, and worked with a group of midwives in Victoria for her first years of practice.

As a midwifery student, Lyanne worked in Vancouver, Richmond, Victoria, and Uganda. She loves being part of the team at Pure ELLEments Wellness, providing midwifery care in Langford and offering holistic care through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. When she’s not catching babies, Lyanne can often be found on an ultimate frisbee field, or knitting up a storm.


Beth Smit, RM

Beth is originally from Nanaimo, and has lived on Vancouver Island most of her life. She left in 2003 to attend McMaster University’s Midwifery Education Program, and graduated in 2007. Beth Smit, RM

Beth practiced as a midwife in the friendly Northern Ontario town of Sault Ste Marie before getting homesick and coming back to the Victoria area in 2010. Beth has worked in a solo midwife model and in a group midwifery practice, and is excited about working as a team at Arbutus to get the best of both worlds: lots of time and visits with each woman and family so they can get to know each other well before labour, and back up if two women labour at once or one midwife has been up all night.

Beth loves the midwifery model of care in BC because of the opportunity for personal connection between midwives and women, and because of all the choices the midwifery model gives women with respect to their care and where they give birth. Outside of midwifery, Beth is the mother of two children, a son born in 2009 and a daughter born in 2012. Beth has a passion for the outdoors, whether that means working in her garden, or hiking and camping around Vancouver Island when she’s not on call.


Laura Mercer, RM

Laura grew up in rural BC, and has called Victoria home for nearly five years. She left a busy career as a Labour and Delivery Nurse in Calgary to begin midwifery studies at UBC in 2010. Helping families during childbirth as a Registered Nurse had made her curious about the transitions of pregnancy and what happens at home with a new baby. Laura felt humbled and awed by her own experience of becoming a mother with the birth of her daughter in 2013.

She enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, and cycling. She has lived in Belgium and Guatemala, so she speaks some French and Spanish.

Laura finds it to be a privilege to support parents over many months and to offer personalized attention to their new baby.


Paula Schikkerling, RM

Paula Schikkerling, RMPaula will be joining the team at Arbutus for 2017. Clients can start booking appointments to meet Paula in late December 2016 and early January 2017.

Paula was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1995. Soon afterwards, she began working as a therapist for young children on the autism spectrum.

In 2004, she trained as a birth and postpartum doula.  Since then, while completing degrees at UBC in Women’s Studies and in Midwifery, she has been attending births and spending time supporting families after the arrival of a new baby.

Over the years, she has also had the opportunity to pair her love for travel with her passion for birth, working in clinics and hospitals in the Philippines, South Africa and Uganda.  In Canada, she has had the opportunity to work and learn in South Delta, Vancouver, Victoria and Sooke.

Paula looks forward to being a part of this dynamic and skilled team - and mostly to
meeting the wonderful families in our care!


Midwifery Students

We are a teaching practice – midwifery and medical students may be involved in your care from time to time. They will always be supervised, and they will never do anything beyond their level of competence. Most clients find that working with students is a very positive experience, but please speak to one of the midwives privately if you would prefer not to involve students in some or all aspects of your care.